Two Tails is an independent games studio consisting of David Mitchell and Chance Millar. We make video games for PC, Consoles & Virtual Reality.

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MitchMitch is an experienced games and software developer and is a member of BAFTA. He started Two Tails in 2009 and in that time has led many successful projects for Two Tails’ clients.

He is best known for his strong programming background and a meticulous attention to detail but he also has a deep understanding of the iOS and Android mobile platforms, regularly working with other companies in an advisory capacity helping to build and train their teams.

Outside of games Mitch is married to Suzi and his cat Trixie (yes, you read that correctly). He likes going for long walks on the beach and-wait why does this suddenly sound like a dating profile?

Follow Mitch on Twitter: @onimitch


ChanceChance is a game programmer and designer master mind[citation needed], fuelled by puns. Over the years, he has developed various games, ranging from simple jam games, to digital console games. With a big passion for video games and programming, Chance often forgets that he needs to relax.

He joined Two Tails at the start of 2015, somewhat straight out of the gates of University. Despite taking various contracts over the years, this was Chance’s first real dive into the games industry.

You can’t really find Chance anywhere outside of games, although his wife Lauren drags him outside for fresh air once in a blue moon.

Follow Chance on Twitter: @ValeourM

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