Aug 10
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I talked to Pocket Gamer today about the history of onimobi, developing Leaf Rider, what it’s like being an indie and why we have the edge on console devs getting into mobile.

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One thing indies can do more readily than their bigger, often publisher constrained cousins is talk openly.

As such, whenever happens upon a studio with a story to tell, we’re eager to push a few question in their direction.

Onimobi founder Dave Mitchell, of course, is no newcomer. Nor is he in any way green, running both his own development studio and a digital production agency Two Tails – itself dealing with on apps for the likes of The National Lottery, De’Longhi and Regaine, amongst others.

What he is, however, is brimming with insight and opinions, having had a hand in the recent Best of British 48 hour game hack with onimobi’s first iOS splash – Leaf Rider – hurtling towards release.

We caught up with Mitchell to talk everything mobile, including his take on the impact on indies of the growing number of console developers moving in on the smartphone scene.

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