Jan 26
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Hello! It’s been a week since we’ve released orbYorb, so we thought it’s about time we dropped some information!

So firstly, we just wanted to thank everyone who played the demo and submitted some form of feedback or speed run.


Everyone loves stats, right? We even tweeted some interesting ones a while ago.

  • Downloads: 37
  • Total players: 15
  • Levels completed: 55
  • Total playtime: 2 hours and 10 minutes

Per completed level:

  • Avg. time:Β 12 minutes
  • Avg. Orb throws:Β 185
  • Avg. meters walked:Β 692
  • Avg. deaths: 0.36

What’s Next?

Our current goal for orbYorb is to get to 100 total players of the Alpha Demo, which should give us a good pool of feedback to help guide us moving forward.

After that our main aim is to launch orbYorb on Steam Early Access. This week we’ve been planning out what the game might look like for that launch. Rest assured it’ll be a lot more fully featured than what we have at the moment.


Lastly, patch 0.1.2 is now live on itch; nothing major has changed, just a few bug fixes and optimizations.
If you use the itch app, then the game should update automatically, or at the very least you can “Check for Update” and it should sort itself out.
However if you downloaded manually from our itch page, then head on over there again to download the latest version.

Thank you for playing and your support!

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