Sep 22
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We’re excited to announce that we’ve got two super talented artists on board for our unannounced project, MQ.

On the 3D side we’re working with the awesome Wayne Peters who’s helping to flesh out our environments and bring the game to life. Wayne has worked on some great games in the past including Volume by Mike Bithell and we’re incredibly happy to have him working with us on MQ. You can follow Wayne on Twitter here.

And for our concept art we’re working with Artur Marek Mirosz who has already created some amazing concept pieces for us so far. We’re really looking forward to showing off some of the stuff he’s been working on! You can follow Artur on Twitter here.

We’re keeping a lot of the details about MQ under-wraps for now but we can tell you that it is a story based first-person mystery thriller game. We’re building the game in Unity and we’re planning to release it on PC, Mac and Consoles (PS4 / Xbox One) sometime next year.

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