Mar 13
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Every two weeks we release a Dev Blog giving an update on what we’ve been working on with orbYorb, along with any notable news.

Wah another two weeks has flown by. I know they say “time flies when you’re having fun” but seriously come on?
This Dev Blog is a few days later than intended too, so apologies to any of our avid followers!

orbYorb v0.3

There’s no patch out this week for orbYorb v0.3 as the current build isn’t stable enough yet, but I can share a little sneak peek of what we’re working on!

Moving blocks updates

Here you can see where we’ve linked up a switch to open a door, and moving blocks can now trigger switches. This will allow us to make some cool puzzles using the moving blocks.

The moving blocks can also come in different forms – some move a set distance, where as others move until they hit something. If it makes you think of pushing blocks in an ice temple in Zelda, then you’ve got the right idea.

Orb effects

We’ve also been working on a new orb effect which explodes on impact. This isn’t balanced at all yet, so what you see here isn’t necessarily how it will end up, but it gives an idea of how it should work.

However this new effect will actually be paired up with a brand new throwing technique. I can’t say much more than that right now but if all goes well, hopefully a very early version of these will go into the v0.3 patch next week.

That’s it for now, have a good week!

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